Caitlin & Edward

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Outdoor Cave Engagement Session

Caitlin & Edward met me in Lexington with their charming pup. They were gracious enough to drive to a remote location off of I-75 where we would follow some train tracks to an inconspicuous trail to a cave. Now, caves are cool pretty much all the time. But they are even cooler when you have a geologist with you. With a dried creek bed and a large opening to the cave, the rock formations were admired through out the session

These two talked with me the whole drive down there, asking how to look cute, and natural, but not too cute, not the fake kind of cute, but not awkward. I giggled as I told them, that’s what they all say. So we took our time exploring and I captured a few more natural moments. Then when I started in on the more orchestrated portraits, I told them to whip out their “dad jokes.”

I am once again impressed by the cuteness and joy that emerges. This couple in particular put up with my dad jokes and tripping over rocks, while looking fabulous in the portraits I capture. And it was even a pleasure to get some time in the car with them. I laughed so much and can tell these guys will have a good time in any setting. October can’t come fast enough.

With Love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer


Alli & Curtis

Red River Gorge, Wedding

Red River Gorge Cliffview Wedding

I met Alli & Curt at Crank & Boom in Lexington for their consultation. We talked about their wedding plans in the Red River Gorge, and possible engagement session ideas. They were both nervous to be in front of the camera and were skeptical that they could look natural. I hear this a lot so I comforted them with stories of my laid back nature and seamless workflow the best I could. Well, then their engagement session came and they blew me away. They were so sweet and intimate, with the most radiant nervous smiles. They were most comfortable holding hands and glancing at one another with quick giggles.

It was at their engagement session in a lesser known secluded park in lexington that we all learned their wedding day and wedding day portraits were going to be a breeze. (I’m really bad at keeping my blogging up to date so I will try to share that next.) Here are their photos from what was a smashing success of an outdoorsy, nature filled, and fun filled wedding celebration by two people who tried to tell me they weren’t good at having their picture taken!

With love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Brittany & Ben

Colorado, Elopement

Rocky Mountain Elopement

I was very honored to follow Brittany and Ben around the beautiful Rockies. They got an airbnb outside Boulder, with a view of mountains (and Denver.) Their puppy, Sally, came along for the ride. The morning of the wedding was rainy and quietly energized. Brittany and Ben spent the morning apart and had an intimate first look outside their airbnb after donning on their wedding attire.

Piled in a car, we started out along Trail Ridge Road. When we came over a peak, we knew exactly where their ceremony would be. The mountain range being them offered the perfect backdrop to tearful vows, and a long kiss. My boyfriend Josh, officiated the ceremony and played soft acoustic tunes during the ceremony and we took some portraits afterwards. We drove around during the last bit of daylight and captured some mountain reflections on a lakeside and enjoyed a tasty sandwich on an outdoor patio with Sally in Boulder.

The day was unpredictable, the weather forecast warned of rain and flash thunderstorms, but we only saw sunshine, fluffy clouds, chilly winds and a soft sunset. All together, a smashing success. Congratulations Ben & Brittany, you nailed it.



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