Brittany & Ben

Colorado, Elopement

Rocky Mountain Elopement

I was very honored to follow Brittany and Ben around the beautiful Rockies. They got an airbnb outside Boulder, with a view of mountains (and Denver.) Their puppy, Sally, came along for the ride. The morning of the wedding was rainy and quietly energized. Brittany and Ben spent the morning apart and had an intimate first look outside their airbnb after donning on their wedding attire.

Piled in a car, we started out along Trail Ridge Road. When we came over a peak, we knew exactly where their ceremony would be. The mountain range being them offered the perfect backdrop to tearful vows, and a long kiss. My boyfriend Josh, officiated the ceremony and played soft acoustic tunes during the ceremony and we took some portraits afterwards. We drove around during the last bit of daylight and captured some mountain reflections on a lakeside and enjoyed a tasty sandwich on an outdoor patio with Sally in Boulder.

The day was unpredictable, the weather forecast warned of rain and flash thunderstorms, but we only saw sunshine, fluffy clouds, chilly winds and a soft sunset. All together, a smashing success. Congratulations Ben & Brittany, you nailed it.



“Coming Soon”



Steffanie & Cody

Lexington, Wedding

Spindletop Hall Lexington Kentucky Wedding

Steffanie & Cody booked us from Washington D.C. They picked the lovely bluegrass of Kentucky and the gorgeous venue of Spindletop to celebrate their union. We didn’t get to meet them before the wedding, which always makes us a little nervous. And to add to it, when I skyped with Stephanie, we actually went through blogs on my website image by image, asking about lighting, technique, editing and styling choices, and I even sent her a few raw files to show the before and after.

Essentially, she made me feel very honored to be chosen by her, because I could tell she really cared about her images and her photographer. That all being said, she could not have been more of a pleasure, more chill, or more accommodating. She had put so much effort into creating a fantastic event, and everything was flawless.

We also had the pleasure of working along side a great DJ and a great videography team White Owl Weddings. Enjoy the smiles, the intimate moments, and the party that was Steffanie & Cody’s Wedding Day.

With love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Molly & Michael

Central Kentucky, spring, Wedding

Bardstown & My Old Kentucky Home Wedding

Oh my, oh my. Molly and Michael have a presence about them, that makes you want to re-evaluate your priorities, to look to those you love, and kiss them on the mouth. The aura they have around their selves, seeps affection and intimacy. Michael took every, EVERY chance he had to kiss his bride. He held her close as often as he could. When he glanced at her, a smile would spread across his face.

Ah my heart melted over and over again this day. They were beautiful, their friends and family were loving and fun. The weather was kind to us, and they got married in the same cathedral Molly’s Grandmother married in.

Enjoy friends, and Treat Yo’ Self.

With Love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Katie & Taylor

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San Francisco Area Cliffside Beach Engagement

I was fortunate enough to meet these two on the edge of the West Coast in a charming area called Half Moon Bay. We walked along cliffsides, through majestic forests and down along the foggy ocean tide. Being there was other-worldly. I’m so thankful I had a new change of environment to get my photography juices flowing. It is of course, a great plus that Katie & Taylor were so adorable, adventurous and accommodating.

With love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Mariah & Aaron

autumn, Family, Maternity, Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge Maternity & Family

These guys have since had a beautiful little girl, but I was going over my 2016 portfolio and just had to share these images. Mariah & Aaron were so wonderful and they have a fantastic little family. They took me down a fall foliage filled trail along some foothills as the sun sunk below the treetops.

With Love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Christi & Jessica

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Indiana Dunes Chicago Area Maternity

Christi & Jessica contacted me a little over a year ago, for their Kentucky wedding plans. I was so excited to be apart of their big day, and then they had an unexpected move to Northern Indiana. While the news was super sad, I wished them all the best of luck. Then at the end of last year, they contacted me with the most wonderful news. They were expecting to add an addition to their family and wanted maternity portraits up north!

I love to travel, especially to new places. Christi grew up in this magical place on Lake Michigan that would make you believe you were on the beach and on the edge of the world. When she suggested we take the portraits there, I immediately agreed. And despite a rainy forecast all weekend, we got a short break from the weather to enjoy this sandy oasis.

With love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Renee & Cody

DIY Bride, Louisville, Rock & Roll Bride, spring, Wedding

Noah’s Event Louisville Wedding

Renee & Cody met me super early for their engagement session to wander through the woods, watch the deer, and then hang amongst the murals in the distillery district of Lexington. I was so excited for their wedding after I became so taken by these two. Renee made her own Moss Boxes with wood from her Parents house. They are so impressive! Renee also forewarned me that she had an epic wedding gift for Cody. That was just the Cherry on top.

I won’t ruin the surprise, you’ll have to check out the photos below to see what her gift was. Thank you to Renee & Cody for being gracious and accommodating throughout the day. They had the most contagiously high spirits and it makes our hearts so warm.

With love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer


Larissa & Casey

adventure, autumn, Central Kentucky, Destination, Wedding

Lost River Cave & Woodland Ceremony

This wedding was such an adventure. Larissa got ready at a gorgeous farm, met Casey under a shade tree. They got married along the Lost River under a patch of gorgeous trees. They wrapped up their celebration in the cave!

When we met Larissa & Casey we had a designed shoot with Tweed & Tin, with a bohemian tent in the snow at Cherokee Park. It was only fitting that their wedding day was a perfect fall day spent in a cave! Oh just wait until you see all the hard work these two put into their reception. The centerpieces were quartz, salts and stones, with rock candy favors. The cake was a giant Cinnabon, the food was great, the videographer was super talented and the Dj was fantastic. Special Thanks to a wonderful wedding coordinator. Contact me for this power team ❤

With love
your kentucy wedding photographer

Jessica & Jason

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Shelbyville Red Orchard Barn

Jessica & Jason has one of my favorite engagement sessions. We explored Joe Ley Antiques and 21c Hotel. That being said, I was super excited about their wedding and it did not disappoint. They had origami cranes as a backdrop to their ceremony on a beautiful day in October. Their reception was the perfect setting for a group dance to Bohemian Rhapsody. They remade the painting of Rene Magritte’s Lovers II and exited to sparklers. I loved the personal touches and the amount of fun had all day and night. Congratulations to these two for a wedding to remember ❤

With love,
Your kentucky wedding photographer

Jessica & Clint

adventure, autumn, Central Kentucky, DIY Bride, Live Music, Wedding

Harrodsburg Terrapin Hill Wedding

We have never been so wet. Despite a great big old Osage tree, Jessica & Clint got soaked for their first look. They were such good sports and didn’t let the rain damper any spirits. They read rain spotted letters before finally seeing each other, and then we did our best to avoid the rain. Alas, we embraced the rainfall and found a great “village” to wrap up our portraits.

Then we got to see the beautiful space that is Terrapin Hill. The ethereal woodland Chapel stage where Jessica & Clint would marry, the open reception area, the bomb fires, the live music and the craft pizza made for a great night to be apart of. Even though our sunset portraits were overcast, and our lanterns were dappled in rain, every moment was full of rich tones, laughter and love. We would do this wet cold day over and over again.

With love,
Your kentucky wedding photographer