Brittany & Ben

Colorado, Elopement

Rocky Mountain Elopement

I was very honored to follow Brittany and Ben around the beautiful Rockies. They got an airbnb outside Boulder, with a view of mountains (and Denver.) Their puppy, Sally, came along for the ride. The morning of the wedding was rainy and quietly energized. Brittany and Ben spent the morning apart and had an intimate first look outside their airbnb after donning on their wedding attire.

Piled in a car, we started out along Trail Ridge Road. When we came over a peak, we knew exactly where their ceremony would be. The mountain range being them offered the perfect backdrop to tearful vows, and a long kiss. My boyfriend Josh, officiated the ceremony and played soft acoustic tunes during the ceremony and we took some portraits afterwards. We drove around during the last bit of daylight and captured some mountain reflections on a lakeside and enjoyed a tasty sandwich on an outdoor patio with Sally in Boulder.

The day was unpredictable, the weather forecast warned of rain and flash thunderstorms, but we only saw sunshine, fluffy clouds, chilly winds and a soft sunset. All together, a smashing success. Congratulations Ben & Brittany, you nailed it.



“Coming Soon”



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