Steffanie & Cody

Lexington, Wedding

Spindletop Hall Lexington Kentucky Wedding

Steffanie & Cody booked us from Washington D.C. They picked the lovely bluegrass of Kentucky and the gorgeous venue of Spindletop to celebrate their union. We didn’t get to meet them before the wedding, which always makes us a little nervous. And to add to it, when I skyped with Stephanie, we actually went through blogs on my website image by image, asking about lighting, technique, editing and styling choices, and I even sent her a few raw files to show the before and after.

Essentially, she made me feel very honored to be chosen by her, because I could tell she really cared about her images and her photographer. That all being said, she could not have been more of a pleasure, more chill, or more accommodating. She had put so much effort into creating a fantastic event, and everything was flawless.

We also had the pleasure of working along side a great DJ and a great videography team White Owl Weddings. Enjoy the smiles, the intimate moments, and the party that was Steffanie & Cody’s Wedding Day.

With love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer


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